Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Gray, Brilliant Orange, Davis Mtn. (Red phase) pages and Homepage Updated on

We have updated these four pages at with pictures and some more info. Hope you enjoy. I tell ya', it's A LOT easier to photograph baby snakes that have full bellies. They just sit there.

**The following was added on 4/7/06**
We changed out the pictures on the Panther Canyon Brilliant Orange page. My wife pointed it out to me that it looked a little tea colored. It seems that those digital camera pics become somewhat altered if you click the flash button at different speeds. Anyway, I am no photographer, but I think these newer pics I took today came out better than the last ones.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


King Mtn. (Peach/Pink locality phase) updated on

We have added a photo of a nice peachy/pink baby from King Mountain in Upton County, TX to the web site. I know that any of you who have drooled over the pink suboc that the late Raymond Ditmars wrote about in his book, The Reptile Book (1907), would like to see one of these. As with oranges, reds and yellows, they start out dingy pink/peach and increase in color intensity with age.
The site will be updated/finished on a sporadic basis as we aquire photos of our breeders and future breeders. Hope you enjoy and happy herpin'!

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