Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The Complete Suboc early orders have FINALLY arrived and shipped, AND it's on

Well, the FedEx truck brought us a little something from Hong Kong this week on Monday...the first few copies of The Complete Suboc, and all of them were shipped out on Tuesday morning to the people who wanted to have their books earlier than the ones that will arrive here on the 13th of May on the "slow boat from China".

The book is awesome. I'm very pleased with it. My wife took a few pictures of me flipping out when the two boxes of books arrived, so I'll have to post those up soon.

The rest of the people who pre-ordered will get their books as soon as they come in. Once they're here, we should have a steady flow of signed copies to sell here. Also, it looks like a couple of distributors had a few advanced copies of the book sent to them, so I was pleased to see that my book is now being sold on at this link. Woo hoo!

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