Thursday, January 24, 2008


The Year of the Colubrid

It's really exciting to see what is going on in the world of herpetocultural literature, in recent years. First, in 2003, Greg Maxwell's book hit the scene, arguably the most detailed husbandry book on one species of snake up until that point.

Then to follow up, we get two more "Complete series" on two popular boid species from Kevin McCurley and Vin Russo.

And the Barkers hit the herp literature scene in 2006 like a ton of bricks with their new Pythons of the World, Volume II: Ball Pythons. This book, hands down, set a new standard for the industry...a perfect marriage of cited peer-reviewed literature, personal anecdote, a plethora of photos, captive history, natural history, and every other angle on anything you could ever want to know about snake in captivity, in general.

Now, it's 2008, and the we see that the colubrids are in the limelight...The Complete Suboc is coming out in a few short weeks and has been selling regularly as a pre-order; Soderberg's Complete Corn Snake is slotted to premier in 2008, as well; and KJ Lodrigue's Complete Pituophis might even be finished before the year's out. The Year of the Colubrid? It certainly looks that way...and we're not complaining. :-)


Going Live on

After a long while of hiding our light under a bushel, we decided to set it on a hilltop -
So, we finally took and put it as a Storefront Page on's list of Breeders and Book Sellers. Man, it's amazing the hits that site generates.
We've already gotten about 1500 hits in just mere days from KS's storefront alone! Woo hoo!!

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