Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Dear Visitors...

If you click on the # sign next to where it says, "Posted by Dusty Rhoads.", then it will take you to an individual page for each journal entry and you can see all of the comments that have been posted and also a link to post a comment yourself, if you so desire.
Maybe you already figured that out, but Dusty here was a little slow on the uptake. LOL
Much love to all and happy herpin'!

Dusty R.


here ya go, Mike...

Here is that Hwy. 118 blonde pic you asked for. It's a scanned photo from The Vivarium on page 20 of Vol. 4 No.5.
This was actually the very first blonde "bogey" I ever saw when this issue came out back in March/April 1993, when I was about 12 years old. I was smitten. LOL!
The color, pattern and head-shape on this animal is perfect. Very husky looking.
I talked to Gerold Merker about this animal recently, and he said it was a male that lived a LONG, LONG time and finally died about 4 years ago.
(you can click on the pic to enlarge it.)


The skinny on

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on some of the COOL stuff that will be featured on my new website VERY VERY soon, which will be up and running probably no later than the end of December.
First of all, it will be the most comprehensive information source on TPRS's out there. I have researched exhaustively using every type of literature, scholarly journal, "interviews" with alot of people and every other type of information source you can imagine to make this website the most accurate and helpful of suboc information resources available.

Some of the featured pages will be as follows:
A History of Subocs in Captivity (including a thorough explanation of the origins and genetics of all known morphs)
Facts and Myths
Captive Care

And many, many more!
The website will also be alot of fun. It will feature about 12 different color/pattern morphs with an individual page dedicated to each one! We will be selling offspring of each of these 12 "cultivars" over the next few years, with more new morphs continually being added to the website as they begin to pop up in herpetoculture (and hopefully in ours and your snake-room!).
So get ready to have alot of fun and learn even more about these wonderful bug-eyed beauties!
Peace out!


New Arrival this Weekend!

This little girl will be joining our family later this week. She'll be taking an airplane ride from Florida to our house in Utah.
She is a normally-patterned silver (axanthic), and has some very pretty and unusual "dashed" lines on her neck, almost like road markings.


Orange subocs!

This is the golden-orange color phase that I am working with, pictured here with a normally-colored animal of the same age.
This pic will also be on my website very soon when it is up and running. It's sort of artistic in a symmetrical way.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hello and Welcome, Everyone!

This is our first day and I am so stoked about all the fun this blog is going to be! Stay tuned, everyone. We are going to have new stuff on here all of the time, so check back often.
And for more on Trans-Pecos rat snakes, check out my website at And I hope you enjoy this blog! Posted by Picasa

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