Thursday, March 08, 2007


Baby Suboc Setup

I've recently had a request to show how I set up my young Trans-Pecos Rats. It's really quite simple. I set them up in Vision hatchling racks with Vision shoeboxes (Any secure plastic shoe box will work). The shoebox itself is then drilled liberally with a DremelĀ® rotary tool for adequate ventilation, which is imperative for Desert Ratsnakes!
I use paper towels either cut or folded to fit the bottom as a substrate. This makes cage cleaning quick and easy. Though, I have recently switched my babies to shredded aspen. If you use aspen, be sure that your pinkies and fuzzies are dry when offered so that wood particles do not stick to them.
The water dish is either a disposable plastic cup (i.e. delicatessen cup) or a 4" ceramic crock dish.
The hidebox is a Creature Cubbyhole (ESU) or sometimes a plastic food container with a hole cut in the lid. I often add damp paper towels to the latter. The temps should be about 72 - 79 degrees F on the cool end and 82 - 87 degrees F on the warm end.

And there you have it! A perfectly suitable cage for baby subocs.

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