Tuesday, August 21, 2007


"The Complete Suboc" Coming Soon! (from ECO Publishing)

As a preview of coming attractions, I thought I would let you in on the progress of the world's first book about Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes. It's practically finished. We're just working out the final touches on it.

Since I've been so inactive on this forum and on the site, I'm sure a few of you thought that was a reflection of nothing going on in the world with TPRSs. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! There has been more going on in all the "goings on" of TPRSs in the last year or two than there ever has in all the history of histories. (Grammatically, that may not make any sense. But the idea is right!).

First, let me say that this book is going to knock your socks off. Period. I'm not saying that because it is my book, but as I was writing it, I can't tell you how many times I got a smile of excitement, looked over at my wife, and said, "Honey, this is going to be a GOOD, SOLID book on Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes." The fact is, I enjoy writing, and I enjoy subocs. So for me, this book is a perfect marriage of my passions and abilities.

Most of the chapters are over 25 pages in length. You will find detailed information on natural history, captive history, ALL current and past morphs (including many photos from MANY individuals), more than 25 localities, diseases and disorders of captive TPRSs, and even a couple of very special topics that you haven't seen covered before in any herpetocultural literature. There's even a chapter about the "Other" Western Ratsnakes of North America, including Arizona Greens, Bajas, and Baird's. Believe me when I say that you WON'T be disappointed.

I can't tell you everything yet, of course. This is just a preview, not an official blurb for the book.

The front dust jacket cover (shown above) is just a mock-up of what the end-result might look like. In fact, from what I hear, the latest version of it is quite different and looks much better! The subtitle is also not the one shown on the cover, but close to that.

I CANNOT wait to reveal more to you.

More soon...


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