Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on some of the COOL stuff that will be featured on my new website VERY VERY soon, which will be up and running probably no later than the end of December.
First of all, it will be the most comprehensive information source on TPRS's out there. I have researched exhaustively using every type of literature, scholarly journal, "interviews" with alot of people and every other type of information source you can imagine to make this website the most accurate and helpful of suboc information resources available.

Some of the featured pages will be as follows:
A History of Subocs in Captivity (including a thorough explanation of the origins and genetics of all known morphs)
Facts and Myths
Captive Care

And many, many more!
The website will also be alot of fun. It will feature about 12 different color/pattern morphs with an individual page dedicated to each one! We will be selling offspring of each of these 12 "cultivars" over the next few years, with more new morphs continually being added to the website as they begin to pop up in herpetoculture (and hopefully in ours and your snake-room!).
So get ready to have alot of fun and learn even more about these wonderful bug-eyed beauties!
Peace out!

Make sure you post when your site is up. It sounds like it is going to be a good one.
Really looking forward to the launch of the new site

Thanks. I am sure you will enjoy it, if you like subocs.
Hopefully it won't be too long now. Do you keep any critters?

Oh yes I like subocs didn't realise there were so many phases, in the UK we see CB normals and blondes occasionally, they are quiet rare! Really looking forward to the new site and seeing all the different morphs and learning about them ... thankyou in advance for sharing :)
I have a small collection of porphyraceus, coxi & vaillanti at the moment, just getting back into snake keeping after taking a break through work commitments for several years. It really is amazing how much new stuff has entered the hobby in such a short space of time.
Hey Sue,

I love coxi and would get some if I wasn't too fixated on "Bogeys" at the moment. You chose some really nice snakes to keep.

My goal is to perpetuate rare and nearly-unheard-of suboc morphs and create new ones. I have 2.1 "triple hets" (albino x silver blonde) that should produce albinos, albino blondes, silvers, silver blondes, blondes, and two new ones...SNOWS and SNOW BLONDES!

There are other phases in the works like peach/pink, gray, lemon yellow, more pretty orange ones etc.
So far, I believe only one solitary albino blonde exists, and it's from the European bloodline of amels.
I have a picture of him as well as other neat stuff like spectacular "green blondes", hypoxanthic (gray phase),etc. that I will put on the new site.

I am even trying to get ahold of a picture of a red-phased animal from a friend who owns one. They are so rare! I make it a point to stay in the suboc ring of reptile hobbyists, and I only know of one red animal in captivity, although there could very probably be more.
Even the beautiful orange phase is quite rare. I only know of about 3 guys here in the U.S. that own one or more.

I find that subocs in the UK have a really good following of fans. It is on my agenda to get the permits needed to sell my snakes' offspring overseas.
The very first snakes that Bindi Sue Irwin (Croc. Hunter's daughter) encountered in life were a pair of subocs in West Texas when she was only two weeks old. I'd like to send her some too! LOL
Talk to you soon.

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