Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Patternless blondes DO exist!!...well one does anyway

Longtime herp breeder, Richard Trant of England, produced this amazing patternless blonde male in '02. The rest of its siblings were normally patterned blondes (is that an oxymoron?). He plans on breeding it back to its mother this coming season. Thanks to Richard for supplying the pictures.

Could it have been the by product of crossbreeding Bogertophis rosaliae?
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No. That's what I would have thought, though. It's a pure 100% suboc. It just hatched out peculiar.

These patternless subocs are gorgeous! Where do we sign up for a pair?
Tell me about it, Gregg! Imagine what a patternless silver or a patternless orange would look like!
That blonde is beautiful.
A friend of mine might end up with a pair of siblings. Lucky guy.
Right! The next step would be to breed it to both a silver and an orange and test for recessiveness.
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