Friday, January 20, 2006


A few of Mike's '05 hatchout

A lot of different looks there. I think the topmost animal is the lemon line of blonde? Each blonde there is a different locality, I believe. The normals are also very pretty and are exact locale animals too. Mike sure does produce some nice stuff, doesn't he?

The hatchling lemons looked to me like the picture under this one lemon from birth. But it was about four years ago and my mind if forgetting more and more.
I'm a bit of a "xanthophile". I love yellow snakes. I'd really like to find some nice yellow/orange thayeri someday with ultra-thin bands.
The nicest and cleanest yellow I have found so far is on Boiga (Mangrove snakes)it is enamal yellow on jet black. My yellowest snakes in my collection are my Pseustes Sulphureus.
Nice variety of colors! How do the colors of these snakes change as they grow?
Their colors develop much like corns...the lipophores and possibly carotenoids (red and yellow pigments in the skin) begin to develop more and more with age....making them more yellow, orange or red with maturity.
Hi-orange and red animals are rare.
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