Thursday, January 19, 2006


Lemon and Mustard Yellow Blondes

The top one was sold on KS a while back to someone unknown to me. The scanned picture is from Bartlett's rat snake book. High yellow blondes are really nice snakes.

Michael price had quite a few of those. I have the gene (Recessive). I think they died off but am not sure.
Mike still has the lemon blondes. He made some this year.
Good he owes me one. I will give him a call.
Will the temptation ever end?!
That's why I am trying to get a pair of everything...I mean, once we have some of everything...we can quit pestering our wives about buying more. That's reasonable, right? haha
I worked real hard last year to save up money to 'finish off' my collection. I bought some Everglades (that probably aren't), some Bogies, some leucistics black rats, and some whitesided. I thought to myself, "Ah, finally, I am finished adding to my collection. There's nothing else that I want." Then, I ran across this site. Now, my want list has gotten long and very, very expensive once again.

How does one convince their wife to take on another job just because all these critters have to be fed?
I am a firm believer that if you want to succeed in breeding snakes, you MUST breed your own rodents...We have 6 levels of the Kreature Keepers, 3 mice, 3 rat. Around this time of year we have everything coming out of our ears. Literally hundreds of excess mice a week, and quite a few rats. Can't wait to get snakes up and eating again! LOL I can't even imagine what it would cost to buy feeders for our snakes. Come Spring we feed somewhere between 100 and 200 mice a week, then baby season, that's a whole nother story! Hatchling tri colored hogs are about 5" when they hatch. I would lose my mind if I couldn't pick out all of the "pinkies" that were just born!
Dang, Mike.
Sounds like your running a regular rodent whore house. haha
Pimp'n aint easy! LOL
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