Tuesday, January 24, 2006


More beautiful animals from the Mike Price camp...

The normally patterned youngster is an '05 captive-bred from the "Big Hill", a locality not too far from the Panther Canyon in Presidio County. Apparently happy and content with a belly full of mouse.
The blonde animal was a '92 legally wild-collected TPRS from Pepper's Hill; Mike's original male for that bloodline. A lot of nice yellow in that snake. That photo appears in Dick Bartlett's book, "Designer Reptiles and Amphibians - 2002" published by Barron's books on page 49.
Thanks again to Mike for the great photos. If you want a beautiful, locality-specific H-snake, then you can't go wrong with Mike Price.

Lucistic, I was just informed by Justin Michels that he sold Lucistic Trans Pecos Ratsnakes to a Rod Mitchell 5 years ago. Where are these animals?
That story is crap. I think it is safe to say that without puting my foot in my mouth. Anybody who is anybody in the herp biz knows there haven't ever been any captive leucistics.
Quit playing games with our hearts, Bill. hehe
Do you know either of the names mentioned? My source of information was Justin himself.
Thanks, Bill. Has anyone else here who reads this blog heard of any captive leucistics?
Don't get me wrong.
Just so you know, I believe that you heard what you heard. I just don't believe what you heard is true.
I would absolutely love to find out it was true by some kind of proof (like a photo).
If you can pull it off, make us some believers with a photo.
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