Thursday, June 15, 2006


Big Snakeroom News: Step 1 on How to Make Snow

These two were caught in the act of procreating tonight! That's right! The Loma Alta albino male and the younger of our two adult axanthic blonde (silver blonde) females were seen copulating around 9 pm!
A clutch of triple heterozygous (albino x silver x blonde) offspring would be the result of this pairing.
Of coarse, snow and snow blonde subocs are the result of breeding triple hets together. Albino blondes, albinos, silvers, silver blondes and blondes are other possible outcomes.
We can't tell you how excited we are about this summer's pairings. This is going to be a lot of fun!

Awesome! Good luck with that Dusty. I'm waiting for my big male blonde to finally shed so I can pair him up with a couple of females. Hopefully I'll get good eggs this year. Keep us posted on how this breeding turns out.
Hello dusty, I'm writing to you to ask you a few questions. I notice that you keep a tray of sphagnum moss in with your subocs is this kept moist or dry? also at what temperature do you keep the heat tape on your racks or cages for hatchling to adult breeders, because I try to keep mine at about 86 degrees. Tonight while checking on the snakes I picked my silver blond female and i let crawl through my fingers and notice some lumps, plus she didn't eat her two mice last night this snake never miss a meal so I hope she is gravid. so is this a tell tale sign? I have never bred subocs before. when you get a chance please email me back when you get a chance. Thank you, Antoine Burke.
Hi Antoine,

I believe it is important to provide both a dry and humid retreat for snakes, and as long as you have adequate ventilation in the cage that should be ok to have a humidity box.
Everything else sounds good. Subocs are bred the same way other colubrids are...just later in the season. Sounds like your girl may be prego. Good luck with her.

Hey Mike!

Good to hear from ya, man. Remember I want some exclusive pics of your stuff...for my eyes only!
: )

Are you going to breed your greenish blonde this year?

Hey Dusty.
You got it. Now that I'm back from vacation I'll get to it. I promise!

I will try to breed the greenish blonde. She's still a bit small but I think she's ready to go. My big male blonde is in she right now but as soon as he sheds I've got plans for him! I'll keep you posted.
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