Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Recent photos

Including one pic of my only non-Bogertophis ophidian, an outstandingly beautiful male Lee Abbott Okeetee corn.
The little normally patterned silver female TPRS is growing quite nicely. I lifted her humid retreat to snap this photo. All of my subocs that are offered a humid retreat with damp sphagnum moss use it regularly.

Hello dusty my name is Antoine. I must say those are some really nice snakes. I Just picked up a pair of those silver normal pattern subocs this week. by the way how can i get in touch with lee abbott, does he have a web site because I would love to get some of his okeetee corns. both of your web sites are truly awesome, I often visit them and I must say they are the most informitive site on the web. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. this is long over do. Thanks, Antoine.
Hey Antoine!

Thank you for your kind words! Sure is nice to have another suboc addict post on the blog! :)

Please come by here often and feel free to send me pics that I can post on here for ya. And congrats on the two silvers!

I got my Lee Abbott Okeetees from Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles.

I don't believe that Lee has a web site. I know that he attends Daytona, though.

Any of the big corn snake people should have Lee's contact info.

By the way, I'd like to see your silvers.

Amy took those photos, by the way...don't want to take the credit.
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