Thursday, August 03, 2006


Big Silver (axanthic blonde) female with "triple het" eggs

I got nine good eggs out of her today. The entire clutch was good. Her prenatal shed was on Sunday (July 23rd '06), and she started nosing around her nest box last night. So it took her right at 10 days to begin to lay her eggs and 11 days to finish. One of the eggs wasn't attached to the mass, but it appears fine ( firm, dry and chalky white). That egg is larger than the other eight. It'll be interesting to see these hatch.

These should hatch out as triple hets. I put her with the albino male around 5 or 6 times (about 12-17 days with him in total). Somewhere in the middle of those pairings with the albino male, I stuck her in with the blonde (66% het silver & possible het for Paradox) male one time (about 2-3 days with him in total). If they come out normally patterned, they are triple hets. If they come out blonde patterned, then they will either be silvers or they will be blondes that are 100% het for silvers. Only time will tell.

Cool Dusty. Nice looking snake (and eggs!). Good luck. Can't wait to see the babies.
Thanks, Mike. How are your animals doing?
They are doing great. Female normal (het for blonde) is big as a house. Not in shed yet, but she's refusing food and is huge. Hopefully this is the year I get some good eggs from her. My male blonde (orangish) bred with my female "greenish" blonde. It'll be her first year. I would love some babies out of that pairing. It was pretty though--just about two weeks ago was the first time. My pair of silvers are doing awesome, eating like pigs. They'll be ready to go next year.
Right on. I'd love to see your blondes when they hatch. The orangish blonde x greenish blonde babies will be interesting to see.
I meant to say "it was pretty LATE though..." on my last post. Not "it was pretty though":)

And yeah, they will be interesting to see. I just hope the eggs are good.
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