Thursday, August 17, 2006


Five good eggs from the Triple Het x Triple Het pairing

Maybe snow is on the way folks...just maybe. We have a 31.25% chance of throwing a snow between the five eggs.

This would be the first snow bogey in history, of course. I know that Craig Trumbower and Y-Knot Reptiles are also working towards this goal, so we should see snow among one of us soon. Craig actually owns the clutchmates/siblings of my 2.1 triple hets.

Any snow has a 25% chance of being blonde patterned.

We also have about a 25% chance of throwing one of these albino blondes. Todd Smith and Glenn Fankhauser of Y-Knot Reptiles own this one-of-a-kind serpent.

So, which do you think would be prettier...snow or snow blonde?

Awesome. I think that snow would look better than snow blonde. More of a pattern left for some contrast. But then I like high contrast with snakes. BTW, I can see that you sent me an email but I'm at home reading my work email and it's been "quarantined". Nothing about your email it just does it randomly and normally you just click "release". But this stupid webmail thing won't let me do that. Anyway, long way to say that's why I haven't responded! Good luck with them there eggs!
Well, Thankee, Thankee!
: )

I think you answered my e-mail on KS already, so no worries.

Yeah, I agree with seems like there would just be something really spectacular-looking about a blizzard white snake with the classic, recognizable Trans-Pecos H-pattern visibly outlined there in the foreground.

By the way, thanks for going to the trouble of finding out about VPI from Don, etc.
No problem. It gave me a "mission" for the show! This year I didn't have a "to do list" like I did last year! Besides, Don is good friends with Rich Zuchowski, whose table I work at show, so he talk to him every year. He's a great guy and a lot of fun to talk to. BTW, my female "greenish" suboc shed over the weekend and is in her nest box now. My big female normal het for blonde shed on Tuesday and is in her nest box (in and out). She's HUGE with eggs. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll keep you posted. Mike
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