Sunday, October 22, 2006


First Triple Het clutch has finally hatched/pipped

Yesterday morning, October 21st, we were delighted to find a pair of "bug-eyes" peeking up at us from an eggshell through the window of an incubator. The little snakeling hatched out early that afternoon, and is a beautiful specimen. As I am typing this entry, the hatchling's other two clutchmates are toying with the idea of fully embracing their new world.

With their heads fully "pipped" and resting just outside of the eggshells, they are the perfect image of what every keeper looks forward to and dreams about all year long.

We may be the only breeders to have produced these this season, as both the axanthic blonde and albino adults are still relatively new. We still have a clutch of nine triple hets left to hatch. We know that Y-Knot Reptiles was planning on breeding their European bloodline of albino blonde male this year, but whether they bred for triple hets or not is uncertain.

Our albino is from a different genetic strain of albino than the European lineage, namely the Loma Alta/Hwy. 277 bloodline.

Adorable :)
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