Sunday, November 19, 2006


A HUGE day for the Bogey Industry: The first double-recessive suboc to be offered for sale since Axanthic Blondes

On Sunday Nov. 19th 2006, the first Albino Blonde to ever be offered on the market was advertised on
Advertised at $3000, a female from the Euro line of albinos made herself a page in Bogey morph history.
This represents, IMHO, an easy investment oppurtunity for any morph pioneers out there. This also exemplifies the success people are having with these animals as captives and breeders. Any double-recessive animal made in captivity is an earmark for a highly keepable and breedable species.
Unlike the axanthic blondes, which came about by loads of luck, the double-recessive Albino Blonde is the result of selective breeding and loads of patience.
Many congratulations to Todd and Glenn of Y-Knot Reptiles, who produced three Euro amel blondes this season!

**Update 11/20/2006**
It turns out that the albino blonde along with the entire group of European hets sold on the same day that they were posted for sale. This is a really healthy sign for the Trans-Pecos Ratsnake market!

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