Saturday, January 27, 2007


Two Cage Accessories Worthy of Your Trans-Pecos Ratsnake

I have been keeping snakes and other reptiles for over 20 years, and I have used a lot of different hideboxes and water bowls; with everything from empty cereal and shoe boxes to naturalistic rock-formation hides made from real rock (or some type of cement) to dog bowls, food containers and reptile dishes etc. for water bowls.
Well, there are two products that I have decided are the absolute best after years of trying many things.

One is the Creature Cubbyhole manufactured by ESU, and the other is the 4" stoneware crock dish made by Ethical Products, Inc.
As you can see, the Creature Cubbyhole comes in many different sizes (fitting hatchling to adult colubrids and anything in between), is stackable, durable yet light (made of ABS plastic), and is easily washed. They're also dark, which benefits your snakes' sense of security, especially if they're nocturnal. They're also inexpensive. I bought about 50 of these when I got my Vision Racks, and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

The other item in the picture is the stoneware crock dish. They are big and heavy enough so that they don't ever topple over. Yet they are small enough to save on floor space in a small cage. They are just deep enough so that water doesn't evaporate overnight. They are easily washed by hand and are dishwasher safe. And as you can see in the photo, they are also stackable for storage, etc. Perhaps most importantly, they work for any size of Trans-Pecos Ratsnake; from hatchling to 5-foot adult, the 4" crock dish is a perfect fit. They are both obtainable from many pet stores and online order stores. Our favorite supplier is

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