Monday, February 12, 2007


A Double Generation Gap of Blonde Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes

Here's a comparison of grandfather (top) and grandsnakelings (bottom two). The grandsire is a famous "lemon phase" blonde found by Michael Price in 1992 near Pepper's Hill in Brewster County, TX.
Mike Murphy hatched these animals, both male, in 2006.

Gorgeous snakes, I particularly like the middle picture.

Are the grandchildren cleaner looking because of age, the effect of selective breeding, or some other factor?

I'd love to see the grandsires color in a cleaner pattern blonde. Would look sorta like lemons on lemon lol.

Anyways thanks for the pic's and background.

Hey Sean,

Who knows...there is so much variability and other factors that go into breeding. Mike Price has some pure locality PHs that are very lemony.

I kept three females from that "batch" that were golden-orangish or honey colored. That should benefit various breeding plans.
Wow, those look nice! Now I wish I would have kept them! Just kidding.Nice photos.
Hey Mike,

I actually sent those to Dr. Jacobson back in your neighborhood of FL. I'll have to take photos of the three girls that I kept. Thanks!

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