Thursday, September 06, 2007


Albino Trans-Pecos Babies Hatched Today!

Here's one of the nice husky little albino subocs that hatched today. From a possible Het female too!!!

Nothing beats breeding some possible hets and seeing pink noses pipping out of eggs 10 weeks later!

The clutch was kept at 84 - 86 degrees F and hatched over a span of 68 - 70 days incubation period.

The baby in this photo is only minutes old...I went to the Post Office at 2:00 and this snake was still resting inside the egg in the typical hatchling position. I got back around 2:30 and it was crawling around the incubator.

Cheers! (And hope to see some of you at Anaheim!)


Congrats Dusty!

I was going to goto Anaheim but it turns out this is my only weekend to move so have to wait till next year, sigh.

Let us know how it goes and have fun!
Cool. Congrats Dusty. Must feel like Christmas. Glad you didn't get a pair of ugly socks!
Thanks, hombres! Even Christmas has to live up to this.
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