Sunday, November 04, 2007


Silver Bells...Silver Bells...

Today I heard Christmas music on the radio for the first time this year. So, I thought the above title would fit, since I hatched out some silver "belles" tonight. Out of three good eggs from a double het x axanthic blonde pairing, I got three snakes with a normal H pattern, but it looks like two are axanthic (silver-colored). Normally-patterned silvers are very uncommon, even more so than silver blondes, and are one of the most desirable colubrid morphs. They have all of the classic looks of a normal suboc with a beautiful soft silvery color. Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes have a very elegant appearance, and the axanthic animals are just amazing. Pictured is one of the normally-patterned silvers along with a double-heterozygous sibling. The normal sibling is very pretty in its own right, it has a nice rosy tan color and looks silky smooth.

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