Thursday, November 15, 2007


'Tis the season

...for baby subocs! This is usually the time of year when you start seeing hatchling subocs for sale, during the holidays. We just had our last clutch of the season hatch out. "Darla", an Axanthic Blonde that is het for Albino, laid a clutch of 13, 12 of which just hatched. There were four morphs in the clutch, including normally-patterned Silvers, Silvers with the Blonde pattern, Blonde, and "normals" that are double het for Axanthic (Silver) and Blonde. In fact, all of the snakes are at least 100% het for Axanthic and Blonde and 66% het for Snow, since Darla's mate is a Triple Het for Snow Blonde.

One of the Axanthic Blondes from Darla's clutch of 12.

Here's the whole group, a loving family of 12.

Here's the first baby of the clutch. You can see the egg tooth if you click on the photo.

Congrat's Dusty!
Glad to see Darla had a nice big clutch of healthy babies.

Also thanks for posting that pipping picture with the egg tooth. It's really cool for showing people not that familiar with reptiles and their reproduction.

Happy Holidays,
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