Monday, December 31, 2007


The Complete Suboc book is now being printed -- Pre-Order Your Signed Copy at Now!

Yes, we're finally taking Pre-Orders for The Complete Suboc (ECO Publishing, 2008). And yes, you have read the cover right...award-winning authors, David and Tracy Barker, of Vida Preciosa International, Inc. have included a Bonus Chapter sharing with the reader their own breeding techniques for Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes. Read more about the book by clicking on the picture!

We've also completely redone with new photos. To boot, there is a BRAND NEW morph on the get going, knuckleheads! Check it out!

Dusty, Book looks great. Was wondering how many pages it is and how many full color plates are in the book.
Russ Bates - Virginia Beach
Thank you, Russ! There are about 300 pages of text and 288 color plates, not counting the four color images on the dust jacket cover.
Heya Dusty,
book looks great and I already sent payment for the preorder. Are they only doing a single limited run of the book? Do you have any idea how many total prints/books will be run off or will it depend on preorder volume? Just curious as I was surprised to see it was a limited run instead of an ongoing printing.

Thank you, Sean!
I believe all that will be determined by how well the book sells. But, I intend to sell out. They're also planning on doing a run in the German language.

I believe that, just like the chondro book by Greg Maxwell, this isn't just another book about a species of snake that you see in every single pet store in the U.S. Not that those other snakes aren't fascinating, but I think people are always ready to embrace something different and learn something new. The suboc, like the chondro, is a very specialized animal. There are very few species that compare to either, in the animal kingdom. Although it's called a "ratsnake" and although there are some loose similarities, the Trans-Pecos Ratnake isn't really a ratsnake, in the most traditional sense. They're really their own thing in almost COUNTLESS ways. And that's exactly what I did my best to point out in this book.

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