Monday, May 05, 2008


Pure Euphoria

When those books arrived here a couple of weeks ago, as you can imagine, it was the biggest sense of accomplishment and relief all rolled up into one moment.

For my own part, it's difficult to feel like a published writer until you actually can see and feel the book in print. And when I finally did, I was beside myself with joy. LOL I couldn't and wouldn't move from the doorway when the FedEx truck pulled up...I kept telling Amy to run and get a knife while smiling and laughing out-of-control like a kid on Christmas morning. She took advantage of the moment to shoot some pictures. My feet were fixed in front of the door -- there was NO way I was moving from that spot until the deliverer deposited the two boxes into my hands -- and she knew it was driving me crazy and making me laugh even more that she kept just taking pictures instead of running to grab a knife. LOL

Ohhh, one day when she's an author...paybacks. ;-)

Hi Dusty,

How about a suboc book modeled off of the "Alterna" book by Merker. I know there isnt as many cool suboc locales as alterna but you could still do Panther, Big Hill, Lajitas, Peppers Hill, 118 blonde, black gap, Pandale, Davis Mts., NM, etc.

Im sure you have enough natural history, habitat info, etc. to provide a little bit of writing but the books focus would be comprised of top class images of subocs.

Or if you wanted to make it a little bigger you could include subocs, bairdi, and triapis to cover a few more SW rats.

Not as many cool suboc localities?! That's blasphemy on this blog! LOL I'm obviously speaking to a biased, alterna-addict here.

You should get my book and read it. There are TWENTY FIVE locales depicted in The Complete Suboc in a Localities chapter that's about 30 pages long, including normals, blondes, green blondes, oranges, w/c albinos etc. I think Merker's only has like 12, and I'm not knocking his book in ANY way, shape, or form...Gerold's book is amazing.

Yeah, we beat you to that idea.
When I first met up with Bob Ashley and Russ Gurley to discuss the layout for the book, we had considered doing a coffee-table type of photo-oriented, natural history book -- similar to Gerold's. But, ultimately, it was decided that there was a much greater need for a complete, well-rounded natural history/captive husbandry/localities/morphs/breeding/diseases type of book.

Next time you post, don't be so obscure. (Post your name!)

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