Saturday, June 07, 2008


The Patternless male...

has got his dancin' shoes on! He's been biting and courting with the ladies for the past two days, though no confirmed copulations yet. Timing is a bit off this year, since I received him mid-winter.

Things are getting pretty crazy; tops are coming off (off of humidity/nesting boxes) and aspen bedding is pushed around and ending up in water bowls. Every time I walk in the snake room, I'm butting in on a loving couple in the throws of passion! :-)

This project is SO exciting! It's the first pattern morph of Trans-Pecos Ratsnake to breed in captivity since the first Blondes bred for Earl Turner over 35 years ago!

We're putting him with this beautiful Silver girl, an Albino, and a Peach/Pink phase this season.

Thank you, Richard Trant, for sending this handsome bloke our way!

*By the way, the Gray phase Pandale Paved subocs have been pairing up too!

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