Thursday, June 05, 2008


Recent Happenings and Pairings at's snake room is quickly becoming quite the amorous setting.

The Triple Hets have been breeding lately. Fingers crossed for a Snow, Snow Blonde, or Albino Blonde, from that pairing. There are only two Snows from the Hwy. 277 line - none exist from any other Albino line so far - and they're both youngsters, owned by the same person. There's only one Albino Blonde from that line too.

Also, the one-of-a-kind *Patternless* male started courting two suboc females yesterday. He was pursuing and passionately biting an Albino (Loma Alta/Hwy. 277) and a huge Axanthic Blonde, though they've both been coy and resisting his advances. Can you just imagine what a Patternless Axanthic Trans-Pecos Ratsnake would look like?! That animal should be ELECTRIC! To say nothing of the Patternless Orange, Patternless Albino, or Patternless Snow...

More soon!

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