Wednesday, July 09, 2008


New SLR camera and NINE good Triple Het x Triple Het Suboc (Trans-Pecos) Eggs...

All in one day too!

I really wasn't expecting that many from her. I thought six, maybe seven...but Nine I can definitely handle.

Anyway, this camera takes HUGE pics, like 12.2 megapixels...and I wanted you to see the macro somewhat so here it goes.

Practically every simple recessive suboc morph you can think of could come out of this clutch, even a Snow Blonde, which has not occured yet. A Snow Blonde, if it were to occur, would be the very first triple recessive homozygous morph of subocularis.

Sweet Dusty! Those eggs look great. What kind of camera did you get? I recently got a Nikon D80 and love it. Used in Montana at Glacier National Park a few weeks ago and was very happy with it. Good luck with the eggs. Can't wait to see what pops out.
Great pic Dusty.
Out of curiosity that female wasn't from the same parents as one of your 06 triple het clutches was she? I'm curious because one of my triple hets that I got from you looks very similar but has a slightly stronger greenish tint to the head/neck coloration.

Best of luck on the clutch and hope you get to show us a snow blonde this year :)

Thanks Mike,

Sorry for the late response. It's a Canon XSI Rebel.
Thanks, Sean. Me too, dude!

No, but they're all still fairly related since the Loma Alta Albinos are still so new. Both the '03 and '06 Triple Hets have that same ground color.

Your Triple Hets might be big enough for next year, eh?
It would be nice but I doubt they'll be ready next year. It's possible if they have a massive growth spurt though. I had more trouble then expected getting them switched over to f/t which set them a little behind on their growth. I'm guessing year after next but if I get lucky this year with growth then I might be ready next year.

By the way I loved the book.

Thanks for the positive feedback on the book.

Yeah, my adult Triple Hets were picky feeders when I first got them. Sometimes, it's in the genes, it seems. After I put them in racks, they calmed down and ate like champs. , because they changed almost instantly. That black ceiling panel and opaque sides of the tubs must have really made them feel secure.
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