Thursday, August 28, 2008


54 Trans-Pecos Ratsnake eggs and counting...

Thanks to Mike Murphy for sending this photo of The Complete Suboc being sold at a booth in Daytona, Flordia. I was told it was at quite a few tables.

We're now at 54 Trans-Pecos Ratsnake eggs this season, so far. Nine clutches in all. Three of the clutches could have Snow and/or Snow Blonde, as well as Albino Blonde.

Soon, I will have some informational articles on (I know I've been saying that for awhile now, but bear with me) and an updated expected offspring for '08 list.

Here's a short list of what we have incubating so far:

  1. Pandale Gray phase
  2. Orange x Oro del Rio phase (Panther Canyon) -- should be some nice orange animals
  3. Triple Het x Triple Het -- morphs galore!
  4. Triple Het x 66% poss. Het Albino clutch #1 -- fingers crossed for Albinos
  5. Triple Het x 66% poss. Het Albino clutch #2 -- fingers crossed for Albinos
  6. Mustard Blonde x Oro del Rio (Orange) **aka Het "Strawberry Blonde"
  7. Mustard Blonde, Het Axanthic (Silver), 50% poss. Het Snow x Bleached Blonde -- should be all Blonde-patterned babies with SEVERAL possible colors
  8. Langtry x Black Gap -- just beautiful "Normal" Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes from beautiful parents
  9. Triple Het x Axanthic (Silver) Blonde, Het Snow -- morphs galore again!
Still might be a few more clutches to go.


Wow. That's quite a nice list of eggs you got going there. Those oranges sounds nice. Good luck with them all.
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