Monday, January 12, 2009


***New Suboc Genetics Findings

Hi folks. Sorry for the long hiatus. (School has been CRAZY!)

There are a couple of new findings in the realm of suboc color morph genetics that I believe many of you would find interesting.

#1) First off, it has now been proven beyond all doubt that the European and Loma Alta/Hwy. 277 lineages of Albino Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes are the SAME genetically.

Here's the story: Gregg Feaster bred a het for European Albino male to a Het for Loma Alta, Texas Albino female and got Albinos recently. Some of you may remember that I got a single Albino baby from a similar cross in '06.

Why this is a big deal? Because this is one of the few times in the history of ANY high-end color morph of ANY species where you can OUTCROSS to strengthen bloodlines using homozygous to homozygous breedings -- in other words, Loma Alta Albinos bred to European Albinos -- and STILL get ALL ALBINO babies.

#2) Big year for Gregg Feaster...he also proved that the Dave Hewitt River Road Axanthics are genetically the same as the Mark Bell (and Trumbower) Axanthics, which are the ones usually seen for sale by breeders.

More soon!

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