Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Selling entire Trans-Pecos Ratsnake collection

I usually don't use this blog for selling snakes, but I'm officially going to grad school this fall and will be selling EVERYTHING in my collection. Group prices available; contact me for more information. Here's what I have available:

'09 animals:

*Snow male (outcrossed European x Loma Alta) -- also 66% poss. Het Blonde, gorgeous, the first and only one we've hatched! $2900 OBO

*Albino Blonde male. He's also 66% poss. Het Silver (Snow). European line. -- $1200 OBO

*0.2 Silver Blonde 100% HET SNOW -- these are the only European ones that exist...anyone would produce MANY Snows every season when paired with the Snow male above. $1000 each.

*Normally Patterned Silver female -- huge baby. $275.

*0.3 Silver Blonde females $190 each. OBO

*4.0 Het "Strawberry Blonde" males $390 each OBO -- a new designer project; these will produce the first ever "Orange Blondes" when bred to Blonde phase females. Orange is not recessive.

*0.0.4 Peach phase babies; outcrossed poss. 50% poss. Het Snow Blonde (hatched from Triple Het male x a Langtry locality female) $115 each.

*2.1 66% poss. Het Snow Blonde (from a Triple Het x Triple het pairing -- these are siblings of the '09 Snow male) $100 each.

*0.1 100% Double Het (for Silver and Blonde), and 66% poss. Het Snow. $175 OBO.

'08 animals:

1.1 66% poss. het Snow Blonde $225/pair

Single Adults and Designer Breeding Groups:

*Strawberry Blonde group. These are my best of the best holdbacks selected to produce the prettiest, orangest Strawberry Blondes ever. Included are an '08 Het Strawberry Blonde male, an '07 Het Strawberry Blonde female, an '09 Het Strawberry Blonde female, and an '09 Mustard Blonde female. All were the best standouts from their clutches. I don't want this group split up. This will undoubtedly be the best source of the most beautiful Strawberry Blondes for years to come. $1900 OBO.

*Designer Loma Alta Orange Albino Breeding Group: 1.1 Adult Albinos ('07 male and '05 female), and 0.3 '07 Het Albinos outcrossed to Orange Panther Canyon to improve color. $3250

*1.1 Triple Hets; proven adults. '03 female and '06 male. unrelated. the pair that produced our Snow and many other morphs. $2200 OBO.

*1.0 '03 Triple Het male...great as a backup to the above pair. $1000.00

*2.1 '06 and '07 Silver Blonde adults. $350 each.

*0.1 '06 Trumbower Silver Blonde female. Inredible. Almost white. $500.

*2.0 '07 Trumbower Normally Patterned Silver, Het Blonde, and 66% poss. het Snow males. Gorgeous! $500 each OBO.

*0.2 '06 proven Mustard Blonde females. $750 each OBO.

*2.2 '07 Adult Het River Road Albinos. Rare. This is the 100% locality, bright-orange Albino line that always has the frontal scale. $1000/pair or $1600/group.

*0.1 '07 River Road Albino female. $2000 FIRM. No Triple Hets, Snows, Snow Blondes, or Albino Blondes exist from this line yet. Pair with Het male for $2250 or adult Silver Blonde male for $2100.

*'06 Snow sibling male. Sibling of the first Snow ever hatched. Yellow phase and VERY docile. $175.

*'04 Double Het (for Silver and Blonde) female. Proven. $250.

*'07 Double Het (for Silver and Blonde), and 66% poss. Het Snow male. $200.

*One-of-a-kind Patternless Trans-Pecos Ratsnake. '03 male. Hatched in the UK. $3500.

We use UPS Next Day Air shipping. All are eating frozen/thawed mice. Exporting available.

Buy from the person who literally wrote the book on Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes!

Serious inquiries only, please. Thanks for looking.

*p.s. I also have 1.1 '07 Bredl's Pythons for $800/pair.

The entire collection is valued at $32,000 at the above prices. If you are interested in the entire collection, I will sell them all for $7000.00 below that. These are all holdback snakes that I've spent 10 years cherrypicking for best quality and rarest genetics; they sell fast, so you'd stand to make a great profit, whether you flip them, but especially if you breed some of them.



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