Monday, May 24, 2010


The End of an Era...(sort of...)

In the past few weeks, we have widdled down our entire snake collection to nothing...well, kind of nothing.

We will still be able to offer people the best Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes and Baja Ratsnakes out there every hatching season. These will be the best of the best and the rarest of the rarest mutations and morphs. We will still be working with 100% locality River Road Albino Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes, Patternless and Patternless Silver Trans-Pecos, our exclusive Strawberry Blonde project, as well as Snows, Snow Blondes, Albino Blondes, Trumbower Normally Patterned and Silver Blondes, Mustard Blondes, some neat Baja Ratsnakes, and a few other goodies. BUT, they won't be at our house. They have been spread out on breeding loan to a few of my trusted partners and friends.

Am I sad? Not really. I'll still be able to enjoy my snakes from afar. And I'll be taking my interest and passion for reptiles and biology to another level...studying tropical reptiles and amphibians at Ole Miss. Am I excited? Heck yes!

I certainly want to thank all of the people who have enabled me to enjoy Subocs for so many years, and I hope to continue to enjoy West Texas and its marvelous wonders for many years to come.

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